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  • One of Tai's Favorite Quotes is, "If You Want To Know What Someone Truly Cares About; Look At Their Bank Account." By Coming To This Private Dinner You Will Be Surrounded By People Who Invest In Themselves and Know The True Secret To Obtaining Wealth. This Dinner Will Be A Great Way To Increase Your Network
  • There Are a Limited Amount Of Seats In The Dining-Area Where The Dinner Will Be Held. And Once We Hit The Number Of Tables We Reserved We Will Be Sold Out For Go. So For A Chance To Speak With Tai and His Guest Speakers One-On-One Reserve Your Spot Now.

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I want to personally invite you to a very special "Mentor Conference" I am holding in New York City.

I will speak about what I've learned about building businesses with over 1 million customers; what I learned from my business mentors traveling the world on how they built companies from scratch that are now worth over $100 million, and how to balance this all with living the "Good Life" - Health, Wealth, Love, & Happiness.

This will be 2 jam-packed days of knowledge and insight I promise you have never heard anywhere. And being held in New York City, I am sure a few big name business celebrities will pop in and say hello.

The year is beginning. Life can be abundant. But you have to know the rules. Here are just a few of the things you will be learning in person from me.

1. Mastering the 25 Cognitive Biases: If you get this one skill right, you'll get a lot of things right in your life. I consider the ability to control your own 25 cognitive biases while mastering the P.A.S.E persuasion formula to be the greatest achievement for any human. Learn the step-by-step ways you can become one of the few people who truly accomplish this.

2. The PVP Formula: This is the fundamental formula I use to spread messages through companies I start or invest in (usually from scratch) that gets my message heard by millions. I will lay out our exact methods used in marketing and changing the world.

3. Nine figure Insider Tricks: I will share little known strategies used by business owners making over $100 million a year. Like Pablo Picasso said, "Good artists copy, great artists steal." You must imitate people 20 times better than you to get huge results. We are going to "borrow" the best business ideas in the world.

4. The Foundation: Your one sentence 'Wealth Destiny' holds the key. The principle, based on the teachings of the business guru, Peter Drucker, is the beginning of everything. We are going to get your plan perfected.

5. Attracting Mentors: Take 10 years off the time it takes you to retire by having the cream of the crop lend you their secrets. This is the same material I teach in my TED Talk and when I speak at top MBA programs like the London Business School.

6. Pricing Principles: Learn what two Wharton Professors discovered about calculating the optimal price you should charge your customers and how to create a price structure built around the principle of "ascension." Plus find out how to sell high ticket items.

7. Speed Reading Mastery: Warren Buffett and Bill Gates were asked what superpower they wish they had. Both agreed - they wanted to be the fastest readers in the world. Learn the tricks to reading one book a day in under 30 minutes with full comprehension. Plus I'll share my must-read book list from my 5,000 book library.

8. Infinite Cash Injection: A method I pioneered to keep a constant flow of cash coming into your business without having to give up even 1% of your ownership. Like Richard Branson learned, it's not enough to be skilled at business you must have abundant capital to work with.

9. Three Bucket Investing: You do NOT want to be like Mike Tyson and make $400 million dollars and then lose it all a few years later. Find out the three bucket approach to investing your business profits: Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Hedge Funds, Private Banking, every possible strategy will be covered.

10. Move from Level One to Level Three Money Making: Global influence, profit, and higher purpose brought into one unified plan. Most business owners are either a negative influence on society or only a neutral influence at best. Learn how to create the win-win scenario, where you build real wealth while changing the world for the better. Create a lasting legacy, something you can be proud of.

And Much, Much More...


One of the most important Laws of Success is the Law of 33%

The Law of 33% states that you must spend a third of your time with people below your level, on your level and a third of your time with people above your level.

Whether it's when we're at a job where surrounded by a bunch of our co-workers, or at our newly founded start-up where we're teaching the new employees exactly what to do, we are always doing the first two steps.

But we often leave out the last step. And that's spending 33% of our time with people above our level.

It's impossible to take your career, business or life to the next level if you don't surround yourself with people who are at least 20 years ahead of you.

Once your begin surrounding yourself with people above your level you start seeing opportunities you that you didn't necessarily see before. Being around people more successful than you helps lifts you up and gets you where you're going in half the time.

At the Private Diamond Dinner you'll have a chance to speak with Tai and his guest speakers one-on-one about problems or opportunities that lay in your industry/business.

On top of an Amazing dinner, and a chance to speak to Tai one-on-one about your business, you'll be surrounded by Tai's top entrepreneurial friends. This Private Dinner is a great way to grow your network and find your next business partner.

With that being said, there is only a limited amount of space that the dinning area holds. And once we hit the number of tables we reserved, we will be sold out for good. So to lock in your chance to speak Tai and his guest directly, Reserve Your Spot Now.

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I'm signing up for the Diamond Lunch and I'll examine everything, I'll use what I wish and if for any reason at all, I want a full refund, I can visit online... send an email... or even call on the phone, and get a full refund. I can even speak to a live person, from 9.00am to 5.00pm PST, Monday - Friday.
  • Daniel

    Thank you!! I have been listening to you since June 2014. Thank you my friend. I have been listening to your podcasts religiously and have been a part of your 67 Steps program. They are immensely helpful. You have a great skill of being able to wrap together a lot of very different pieces and bringing them all succinctly. The more I learned the more I earned. I am now in my parabolic stages. Fast forward to today I made $43,000 just in this first week of the year. More than I made in 1.5 years of hard work with Rowan, the 9-year old boy with cerebral palsy. Keeping this momentum, I see myself making my first million this year.

  • John D.

    I have had the privilege of attending the Million Dollar Destiny Seminar. I am impressed with Tai's generosity and I am so grateful for his brilliant insight as a successful entrepreneur. I really enjoy his candid approach to wake me up about life's harsh realities. His insights are profound because after hearing them I realize how logical and seemingly obvious it is to be successful if we have clarity. As soon as I started thinking differently about money and business, I have become a magnet to money and opportunities. I have my first buyer in real estate with a budget of $750K! I attained three new private students after 6 months of no private students at all. I have been invited to do more shows than I have in past 2 years, and I was even invited to teach and perform in India in September! As a professional Latin dancer and realtor with Keller Williams, my entrepreneurial mindset is key in my success and this system has jolted me back on track to focus on my goals and taking action daily to achieve them!

  • Oscar

    Tai this is something I've never heard but it makes so much sense. Thankyou.

  • Helen

    This Seminar has helped me become more focused on my goals and has motivated me to do the things that are necessary to be successful. I now think differently about how I spend my time, watching that I am spending it in a way that will benefit me now and especially later in life. He has provided clear directions on what to do to achieve success. I appreciate what he has to say and really enjoy each meeting. From what I see, he is successful, down to earth, and an all around great person which makes it easy to listen to what he has to say. Since attending the seminar, I have made an important change in my career. It's one of the first steps I needed to take to get where I eventually want to be and it also provided a significant increase in my income. Now I am focused on what my next step will be and especially what my ultimate goal is. I am excited to continue attending these seminars - to learn what else I could be doing to create success in my life. Thanks!

  • Shawn

    Over the years I have searched to find better ways to live a happy and successful life through motivational speakers and self-help books. Instead of those things helping me to change my situation, I found myself influenced by information that unfortunately only helped me to maintain my current situation.Although I learned of various ways to deal with some of life's challenges, it didn't quite show me how to start my journey into a happy and successful place in life.

    Soon after I moved to L.A., I attended the seminar - The highlight of it was his presentation, where he discussed many key points on how to obtain and maintain a happy and successful life. The knowledge and skills he provided, along with sharing his own personal life experiences was not only inspiring, but motivating too. He spoke of real life events; the steps he had to take to get to where he is today; and the journey of being helped, as well as helping others.

    I was so excited after speaking to him; it's always great to have someone GENUINE share their success story with you because they have already experienced the journey of life first hand. In my experience before meeting Tai, there were not enough genuine people to look up to as a mentor, or a life coach to direct you toward the road of happiness and success. Since meeting him, and learning of ways to better recognize my contributions, and deal with my own faults, Tai's words of experience is now my guide to personal empowerment.

    Ever since the first day i went I have been so inspired to make some very important changes in my career and my personal life. Not only has it opened up a few doors to further my career, it has given me the opportunity to increase my income. I've met a lot of successful people who run their own business, who has helped me in multiple ways with different jobs and helping me network with others as well. I now attend every event he's involved in and I encourage my friends and family to do the same. His presentation is literally life changing and attracts good people with great intentions.