How to Motivate Yourself for Success with Caleb Maddix

PODCAST | TAI LOPEZ | Jun 2, 2017
Materialism motivates. It’s that simple. While everyone is different, and so the extent to which it will motivate you varies, it’s an important principle to keep in mind. Because many people feel guilty about their love of materialistic things. But use it as a tool! If cars motivate you, keep them around! If a nice house motivates you, keep that on your mind. Understand yourself, and your own intrinsic motivations, and then use those any time that you feel like you need an extra push of motivation.
This is the second part of my conversation with 14 year-old Caleb Maddix, and we’re talking about why good parenting is one of the best ways to make the world a better place, why most people are working far too hard and training far too little, why critical thinking is an essential skill, why the person who experiments the most wins, and much, much more!

Points to keep in mind

  • You’re born with some talent. But when it comes to business, a lot of it is dependent on how much you train and practice, less innate talent
  • Parenting is one of the most effective ways to make the world a better place
  • Most people understand that learning is essential, but they don’t realize that humans learn faster under other people
  • Original ideas are very rare. Almost everything is recycled
  • Every time you meet haters, be thankful for them, they make it easier for you to succeed
  • Hard work is not especially correlated with success. Hard training is
  • Hours only count if they’re in a good training program
  • Critical thinking is an essential skill
  • Materialism motivates, so use it for motivation!
  • The person who experiments the most wins