Use “Edu-tainment” to Improve Your Marketing & Earn More

PODCAST | TAI LOPEZ | Jun 2, 2017
Do you know how to use the VRIN formula to make sure your message, your advertising, and your content has legs and will connect with people? That is what I teaching you on this episode. If you want your message to connect and resound, if you want it to be shareable and something people want to tell their friends about, and if you want to be able to SELL, you need to understand the VRIN formula, and how to apply it to your own work.
I’m also discussing the difference between “trend-catchers” and “trendsetters,” and why one will tend to make more money than the other, why controversy is valuable and you should push yourself out of your comfort zone to include more of it, and much more!
Points to keep in mind
  • “Trend catchers” make even more money than “trendsetters
  • “Edu-tainment” is going to win. The people who educate in more entertaining ways will be more effective
  • Use the formula VRIN: Value, Rarity, Inimitable, Non-substitution
  • A lot of marketers and advertisers are being beaten by less-experienced people who understand better what people really want
  • Value means look for things that release dopamine
  • Make sure you’re doing something that’s rare and unusual in your marketing
  • Your innovation and strategy should be “costly to imitate”
  • Don’t be afraid of controversy
  • Think about one thing you could do this year that would push your boundaries