Don't Be So Offended

PODCAST | TAI LOPEZ | Jul 13, 2017
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Today, it feels like everyone is looking for something to be offended by. Whether the thing has anything to do with them or not, they’re on the search for something that they can be offended by.

If you really need to be offended, though, be offended by the big problems in the world. Or, better yet, choose to learn from the process of being offended, and improve yourself through it.

Take the things that people say to you, that would offend weaker people, and use them as motivation to work on improving yourself everyday.

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Points to Keep In Mind:
  • Today it seems like people are looking for ways to be offended
  • Sometimes, you need to be a little hurt by the truth, to help you change something about yourself
  • The sooner that you learn that people won’t like you and you will be offended, the sooner you can get used to it
  • If all you do is get offended, you don’t hurt the person who offended you, you only hurt yourself
  • Don’t take things personally, because 99% of the time it’s not even about you anyways
  • You have to train yourself to laugh at adversity
  • You’re only free when you’re the master of your thoughts
  • Use pain and feeling offended to motivate yourself to improve
  • Your brain gravitates toward negativity, so negative comments will really affect you if you let them
  • The emotional motivation of pain can bring you to success
  • Harness what offends weaker people, and turn it into your motivation