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How You Can Invest In Real Estate To Create $271.00-$8,119.00 A Month Of Passive, Automatic Lifetime Income - Even If You Have Little Money Or No Experience

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Why Should You Get Started In Real Estate Investing?

Simply put...

Real estate investing is a way for you to create wealth by leveraging an asset that automatically pays you for life!

Think about it: no matter the current economic situation, there's always money to be made in real estate. The reason why is because people always need a roof over their heads.

The thing about having shelter is it's just like drinking water and eating food -- these are all things people need to survive, which means there will always be demand for real estate -- no matter what.

Now when it comes to generating wealth from real estate investing...

Here's the big reason why you should get started right away with real estate investing:

Real Estate Has Made More Millionaires In The United States Than Any Other Profession!

It's true.

So many people who've come from nothing have earned the title of a millionaire, simply by knowing the in's and out's of real estate.

So what are these in's and out's of real estate investing?

What it all comes down to is understanding the systems and cycles of the real estate market, so you can know when to buy -- and when to sell -- your properties.

Once you know how real estate works...

You can get your first property to pay you a few hundred dollars of month - for the rest of your life!

Since the value of homes appreciate over time (i.e., increase in value), it's possible to create streams of income from real estate that get bigger (i.e., more lucrative) over time.

Now before we continue...

It's important to mention this is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

Rather, this real estate investing program teaches you the secrets of gradually building wealth over the duration of your life through.

In this program, that'll only be available for a limited time, Cole Hatter and I will show you how to acquire tangible (i.e., real) assets of property that generate money by themselves, even while you're sleeping.

If you'd like to learn more about this program, here's...

What You Get By Joining This Test Group!

In this program, you will find out:

All of the above is to-the-point info.

No fluff.

In fact, each video is, on average, only 5-15 minutes long.

Better yet, the content in this program gets updated over time. Whenever there's something new to teach, Cole and I can upload it to this test group the very same day.

On the flip side, whenever a tactic gets outdated we swap it with whatever is working now. This program is basically like a living book - which will be the last book you'll ever need - on real estate investing.

In addition to the above, Cole will teach you:

The Only 3 Types of Ways To Make Money In Real Estate

No matter your situation... amount of money you have to start... or duration of time you have to invest each week, this program is for you.

The reason why is because we'll cover:

  1. Passive Income Investing (requires 5-10 hours a week) - This is for the 9-5 worker who loves their job, but wants a way to subsidize their income. We'll show you proven ways to make money in real estate, even if you don't have a lot of time to invest in your properties.
  2. Active Income Investing (requires 30-40 hours a week) - This is for the you if you want to become a full-time real estate investor. We'll walk you through the process of buying a house (often a beat-up one), fixing it up, and immediately selling it.
  3. Interest Income Investing (requires capital) - This is for when you have capital to start with and you want to make money from interest, like a bank.

Cole and I realize there are people who will try to learn this on their own.

If this is you, best of luck.

The thing about learning things on your own is...

You Don't Know What You Don't Know

You can be the smartest person in the world, but you don't know what you don't know.

Doing things completely on your own actually works against you.

The reason why is because you're limiting yourself when it comes to leveraging the knowledge and experience of other people... people who are 5, 10, and or even 20 years ahead of you.

And before you think about doing this now or later, realize...

Your Opportunity To Pursue This Is Limited

Let me explain.

This isn't my first test group.

A short while ago, I launched a similar test group about starting a social media marketing agency. As promised, I stopped accepting invites after a short amount of time.

With this real estate investing program, you should expect the same thing to happen; this test group will shut down before you know it.

So don't delay when it comes to making a decision.

If this happens to shut down, don't freak out... you'll be placed on a waiting list and we'll announce when we re-open this program.

Now, here's what will happen if you manage to make it in on time...

To start, you'll have your very own private login and password for the training. This will allow you to access the program from anywhere, even if you only have a mobile device.

The program is designed to go at your own pace. You don't need to speed through it at all. But if you have the time, then by all means ” you can go through the program at an accelerated pace.

We're limiting it because we don't really want lots of people who get access to these secrets. That would create too much competition if everyone has this training.

Of course, like all of my programs, this program is backed by a...

120-Day Guarantee!

This Active Income Real Estate Certification program is designed to walk anyone through the steps to becoming a real estate investor. Everything is given to you. You'll have all the tools you need.

We're so confident in this program, we'll give you 4 months (120 days) to make your decision. If for whatever reason you're not satisfied not only would we be shocked and amazing ” we'll also refund your investment into this Active Income Real Estate Program.

To further incentivize you to act now, we'll give you...

3 Special Bonuses For Fast-Action Takers!

Beta Access Is Now Closed - Click Here To Get On The Waitlist



What if I'm already in one of your other programs?

Yes, this program was built to be complementary with any other program I have offered.

If you're also in my Social Media Marketing Agency program, you can learn how to make money managing social media and invest your profits into real estate.

Will it actually work for me?

I set this up in a way that can't fail you.

This program will either work for you or you will get your money back.

And when it does work for you, the cool thing is your profit will end up paying for your initial purchase for this program.

Here's the catch ” you must be willing to do the work, follow through with the material, and stay open minded with the training. You're going to learn a lot of new strategies and it will disrupt your normal way of thinking.

But as long as you pace yourself through the program, it can't fail you because you can get your money back.

Yes, people will take advantage of this. But I want to make it easy for you to refund the program, so you can sleep well knowing your investment is 100% guaranteed.

Can I trust the guarantee?


You just need to send 1 email to your support team and we'll get in touch with you about getting your money back.

No problem.

Will this work for me, specifically, because of where I live?


During the video we mentioned the 3 essential needs for all humans to survive: food, water, and shelter.

As long as people need a place to live and survive, you will always have business and opportunity to make money investing in real estate.

This program is based on the shelter business. Since it's an essential need required by anywhere in the world, this can work for anyone.

In addition to that, this isn't just for people living in the US.

In fact, you can still invest in real estate in the US ” even if you're in a non-US country.

How old do I have to be to use this program?

My snapchat following has a majority of younger audiences and my facebook following can have audiences up to 60's and 70-year-old people.

We'll have all ages in this program. Age does not matter.

When people are thinking about properties to purchase or rent, they never ask the age of the owners. It would not influence their decision.

If you're 14 and you want to invest in real estate, you might need to look at properties with a parent or a friend, but hey you can do this with your parents or partners.

The millionaire JR Simplot, first invested in real estate when he was 11 years old and had 3 employees.

It's for all ages, genders, and ethnicities.

If you think you're too old... it's better late than never.

And if you think you're too young... think about how who got started at a young age... Bill Gates etc

What about gender or ethnicity?

Usually gender or ethnicity discrimination happens only in the workplace.

The cool thing about this program is you'll create your own workplace.

You get to set your own standards and your own rules in how you want your company culture to be.

All walks of life can do this program. You can be a high school graduate or you can have a Ph. D.

I don't have enough money. Can I get into the program for $100?

A part of me wants to say yes, but that wouldn't be fair to all the other people who were able to get into the program and paid the full price of the program.

What I would do if I were you is I'd make this a lesson for myself.

I'd say How do I make this so it never happens again?

Open up a bank account and call it your Opportunity Funds. Start setting aside money that you put into this account that you can tap into when certain opportunities arise that you never want to miss out on.

Will we be focusing on rental real estate or flipping real estate or wholesaling?

Cole says you want to be a "focused specific", not a "wandering generality".

Like what Confucius said, If you chase two rabbits, you wind up with none

We'll be mainly focusing on rental real estate and passive income specifically.

We'll be touching on other options, but mainly focusing on passive income.

It's like college where you major in a specific subject, but you minor in some other side subjects.

What do I do when it starts making me money?

I'm going to train you how to manage your money. Everything you need to know about money that we should've been taught in school.

I'll teach you how to actually enjoy your money instead of just living to work.

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