Why Your Brain Is Crazy
Always remember, your brain is haywire.

Whether you’re trying to get healthier or make more money, it all comes down to the brain.
Tai Lopez May 26, 2015
Studies show that what separates billionaires from ordinary people are their habits of the mind.

It’s like the great philosopher Henry David Thoreau said, “The average person leads a life of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation.”

The reason for this is the 3 parts of the mind.

1. The rational brain

2. The emotional brain

3. The reptilian brain

No matter what we do when we think we’re smart, every thought starts by going through the reptilian brain.

This is because the reptilian brain is the first part of the brain that was developed evolutionarily.
The most recently developed part of the brain, the neocortex, is where you process all your thought.

The thing is you have to bypass the reptilian brain if you want to access your rational centers.

I always remind myself “Tai, no matter how many books you read, your mind is still primitive.”

So what you have to do is not put yourself in situations that set you up to fail.

You have to remember that humans are affected by environment.

That’s why you need mentors - the quickest way to be successful is to be around people who rub off on you visually and environmentally.

No one is as smart as they think they are.



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