Why aren't people having sex anymore
Tai Lopez Apr 30, 2024
Why aren't people having sex anymore? A Scientific American article reports that 44% of young men and 74% of young women have zero sex!

And that number is rising. It doubled in 10 years!


I have a crazy theory that will piss a lot of people off. It’s this: the modern processed food system has so bloated men and women's faces and bodies that they are no longer sexually attractive to others. The pool of people who women find hot enough to have sex with has shrunk in most countries. It’s now too small for everyone to be able to find one.

Modern food has made most humans the LEAST attractive version of themselves.

We have pushed too many calories in too small of bodies. Too many high glycemic carbs that spike insulin and force the body to store fat and bloat from excess water retention. No one looks pretty with a bloated face.

For example, a study in Neuroscience News found, “A new study reveals a statistical connection between the consumption of refined carbohydrates and decreased facial attractiveness”


We no longer find many people attractive (except in a few remaining countries).

Now you throw in a world of free porn and a few extremely beautiful people being pushed continually on your social media algorithms, and it gets worse. A study back in 2009 found that, “Teens spend 87 hours per year looking at online porn” that was more than 14 years ago. Imagine what it is now.


So the standard of what's beautiful goes higher and higher and the amount of people who look remotely beautiful like that gets lower and lower. It’s literally the perfect storm for societal disaster.

People now just retreat into fantasy porn and video games because their minimum standards of sexual attraction aren’t met. Face it, no species, humans included, really wants to mate with someone that doesn’t turn them on physically.

A recent study out of University of Pretoria, South Africa, found that individuals with lower facial adiposity (lower fat levels) are perceived as healthier and more attractive, likely due to associations with lower risks of cardiovascular diseases and other health issues.

This means that trying to convince humans to find a bloated face attractive (like the woke world is doing), would be convincing your DNA that mating with an unhealthy person is your optimal strategy. Why the hell would biology allow that? What would be the upside? That would be the fall of mankind.

Instead of addressing this honestly, woke society tries to go against 10,000 generations of DNA programming and attempt to convince our conscious minds that unhealthy bodies are somehow magically attractive. But they aren’t. And no amount of propaganda will alter our unconscious desires.

I’m convinced that big processed food corporations and pharmaceutical companies that profit off selling their drugs to unhealthy people are tricking politicians and influencers into spouting nonsense to confuse the population so nobody can think straight and stand up to them!

The food system is to blame. So is a lack of will power and logical thinking by the average human. But a few places in the world have figured this all out and come up with a solution. We need to learn from them.

This is why a few countries are famous for attractive people, like Sweden and Denmark. Those countries have people who eat to maintain the most attractive versions of themselves. If they switched to a modern American diet they would mostly cease to be so attractive. I live there part time. I can literally spend ONE month and not see even one crazy unhealthy person.

When I fly back to America, I can’t go more than 60 seconds at the airport without seeing someone shockingly overweight.

Look, I’m not saying I’m perfect or the ideal. I’m saying we have a problem and it’s not actually that hard to fix! And almost every country, the USA included, has tons of beautiful people. It’s just hidden under bloated faces.

Optimize the calorie intake and switch to low glycemic index carbs and this weird stage of human history will disappear and be looked at as some weirdo anomaly just like we look back at the middle ages as a time full of bizarre outdated practices.

Time to move on people. Time to move on.

Become the best looking version of your genes.



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