The Price Of Procrastination
Tai Lopez Oct 30, 2015

We procrastinate for one simple reason. 

We don't see the consequences very clearly. 

If someone could invent a machine that would show us a movie of what our life COULD have been, we would be in shock. 
Imagine if a few years ago when you decided to go on that diet or start working out at the gym, you actually had done it (and stuck to it).
What would your body look like today?
I bet it would look amazing. 
Imagine if a few years ago when you had decided to read more and study how to make more money, you actually had done it (and stuck to it).
What would your bank account look like today? I bet you would have a hell of a lot more saved up. 
No one has yet invented that machine to show us that parallel universe where we hadn't procrastinated. 
The good news is that our brains are powerful enough to do the projections for us. 
Try this: think of someone you admire, someone in better shape, someone making great money, and imagine if their life was yours.
Then be brave and make the leap.
I bet the main difference between them and you is they didn't procrastinate as much as you have. 
Use that realization to turn the ship around. 
One of my mentors when I worked at GE Capital, Al Howell, told me, "Tai, I've worked with millionaires for decades. The only difference between most millionaires and everyone else is that millionaires actually DO the things everyone else knows they should be doing."
It's not magic.
They just do the simple things. 
What will change your life is not some elusive secret. 
In fact for today's Book-of-the-Day, I was reading Onward by the man who built Starbucks, Howard Schultz. 
He warns that there is “never a silver bullet... we need to continue to challenge ourselves."
The closest thing I can see to a "magic formula" is once a week running through a projections of all the amazing things you have missed out in life so far because of procrastination. 
(Don't do it too often or it can be depressing, haha...)
This pain will be like rocket fuel to get you out of bed when you feel like being lazy. 
Allan Nation once told me about a guy who borrowed money from the Mafia. I asked if Allan thought that was a good idea.
Allan said, "Well, knowing he had to pay back the Mafia sure as hell got him motivated to get out of bed early every morning."
Time is like a mafia loan shark - just less forgiving. 
It waits for no one.
See your new future by projecting out multiple outcomes to your life. 
Be like a chess master, see multiple moves deep. 
Don't be afraid to honestly admit that you have missed out on some big things. 
But be optimistic enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel on an amazing future -- if you rise to the occasion. 
This will change your life.
Let me know if you have any cool examples from your life about overcoming procrastination. 
I would love to hear from you. 

Stay strong,



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