The Magic of Naming: Talking with Alexandra Watkins
Tai Lopez Aug 22, 2023
The Magic of Naming: Talking with Alexandra Watkins

In the world of business, where things move quickly, and there are many companies competing, one thing that is often not given enough attention is the power of a name. Imagine if Google had a different name, or if a dating app was called "Aripe Dating." It might sound silly, but it shows how important it is to pick the right name for your company. On the Tai Lopez show, Alexandra Watkins, a famous author, owner of an agency, and expert on business naming, talked about the details of this important part of branding.

Bad Names Can Hurt

In a world where there are so many businesses trying to be noticed, a bad name can be a problem that lasts a long time. Alexandra Watkins says that businesses can hurt themselves by picking names that don't sound good or, even worse, give the wrong idea. The Australian dating app "Aripe Dating" is a good example. It was meant to mean a good chance for love, but it made people think of bad smells. Picking a name that doesn't fit with what the brand is about can stop it from growing from the very beginning.

The 5% Success Club

Most businesses, Alexandra says, don't do well at naming. Only a small 5% of companies get the name just right. This special group has brands that, like Google, have names that people remember and that really show what they offer. Even if the names are unusual, they connect with the people they want to reach, making them hard to forget. One example Alexandra gives is "Joe Blow," a name for a bike pump. The name is catchy, gets people talking, and stays in the customer's mind.

From "Bad Ass Fans" to eBay: The Range of Names

Sometimes, a name that doesn't seem great can be made better with the right branding. A company called "Bad Ass Fans," which first sold big fans for factories, shows this. By using a name that is different and strong, they made an identity that people remember. On the other side, a name like "eBay" isn't very exciting or meaningful. But eBay's success comes from the new things it did in online shopping, not from its name.

Choosing the Best Name: It's More Than Words

Talking with Alexandra Watkins makes it clear that a name is more than just a word. It's a way into the brand's identity, a tool for talking, and a way to make customers remember. A great name can help a business succeed, but a bad one can hold it back. At the end of the talk, it's clear that picking a name needs careful thought, creativity, and a deep understanding of the people you want to reach.

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