When I followed these laws, I started to grow my income
Tai Lopez Jul 13, 2022
Let's talk about how you can make more money this year.

The world's changed since I talked about this years ago. The good news is - there's still a pathway to make more money, but you need to understand the formula.

You've probably heard of everything out there from: ecommerce, social media, crypto, real estate, and NFTs.

All of those could be a component, but I'm going to talk to you about the things that have withstood the test of time.

Things that Warren Buffet learned from his mentor Benjamin Graham, who wrote the book "The Intelligent Investor". I’m talking about the things that the rich teach their children.


Think of your income like a 3 piece puzzle. If you get all three pieces in place, you will be in a very different place, financially.

I only have time to talk about the first piece today:

You must have more than one stream of income.

50 years ago you could depend on one stream of income. People would get one job, work Monday to Friday, have the weekends off, and retire from that job in 40 years. 

That's not very doable nowadays. People get laid off pretty often.

If you read books like "The Millionaire Next Door", the statistics show most wealth is created through multiple streams of income.


Ecommerce, social media, crypto, real estate, and NFTs can be a component of wealth, because they can all be a separate source of revenue.

The challenge is learning how to build these streams of income.
Take ecommerce as an example. It’s easy to say "put some products on a website and run traffic to it".

But, it's a process that takes a lot of steps:
  1. Find products to test
  2. Build the website
  3. Create the marketing campaign
  4. Start marketing
  5. Evaluate if the product actually sells
  6. Get the product to your customers

Those aren't all the steps, but you get the point. You need to learn how to execute these steps to make money with ecommerce.

The same goes for anything else. There's a process to making money in any business.

Ecommerce is the business that most people can get into, and learn to operate today. Especially if you learn from someone who has spent over $600 million dollars in paid advertising.

Me and my team will teach you how to market a product using free and paid marketing that gets people to buy.

We will also build you an ecommerce website and fill it with some of our best selling, proven products.

That means you don't have to worry about building a website that converts, we will handle that.

You also don't have to worry about finding a quality product that people want to buy. We're filling your store up with some of our best selling, proven products.

This is not the only way to build another stream of income, but it is the only one where we will do 66% of the work for you.

If you want me and my team to help you build a new stream of income, click this link to get a store and start learning how to operate an ecommerce business.

Stay strong,

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