How To Stop Procrastinating: Amish Insight On Getting Things Done
Procrastination is probably the most annoying thing in your life right now.

So for today's book of the day I want to share an old German poem that's been passed down for generations verbally.  I heard it years ago, when I was living with the Amish but forgot it.
Tai Lopez Dec 08, 2014
The Amish language is a spoken language, not a written one, so it hasn't been written down before.  I got an old Amish friend, Jake Martin, to recite it to me.  

[here is a picture I took of the handwritten poem]

Fresh ans werk und saume nicht
arbeit ist die erste phlight
Fange du nar mutig an
Frish gewagt ist halb getan

Roughly Translated into English it means:

Fresh unto work and delay not
Work is the first duty
Start you with zeal
Freshly dared is half done

The lesson is simple and practical. 

Do the hardest thing in your day first.  

When you feel overwhelmed just put your head down and start, and the next thing you know, you'll be halfway done.

It's very interesting. I see now that sometimes all you have to do to revolutionize your life is realize, "Enough is enough & now is enough."

It's simply a mental shift that has to be made.

A shift that pushes you to do that one thing you know you should've done a long time ago.

That one procrastination.

That one fear.

To be like Jeff Bezos from Amazon and quit your comfortable job and set out on the entrepreneurial dream.

To be like Helen Keller and grit your teeth and overcome your disability.

To be like Nelson Mandela and stand up against injustice in the world.

Everybody's looking for the magic bullet... The lottery ticket solution to their problems.

But it's never that easy.

That's a mirage.

For me it's looking in the mirror and saying, "Tai, remember, life is like a parachute jump, you have to get it right the first time."

Senescence bias means that at some point time runs out. We get too old.

You better beat the clock.

Make your move while you have the energy, inspiration, and still find yourself in the spring and summer seasons of your life.



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