Growing Your Instagram: How to Get 100K Followers with Brock Johnson
Tai Lopez Oct 04, 2023
In the fast world of social media, Instagram keeps growing. We have a cool two-hour podcast with Instagram pro Brock Johnson. He shares awesome tips, busts myths, and gives secrets to amazing Instagram growth. Here are some highlights:

Is Instagram's Growth Over?

Brock Johnson doesn’t think so! He shares stories of success from his many students which prove Instagram can still grow. Yes, it might be a bit harder now, but it's still a path worth taking.

Figuring Out Instagram Engagement

Having trouble with Instagram engagement? Brock talks about possible reasons: 
1. Follower Fatigue: Over time, followers can get tired or leave Instagram, which affects your engagement.

2. Instagram's Clean-Up: Instagram sometimes gets rid of fake and spam followers which can cause a drop in your follower count and engagement.

3. Algorithm Changes: If you don't keep up with Instagram's changing rules that favor engaging content, your posts might not get seen.

Growing Your Instagram in a New Way

Even with these problems, Brock shares lots of strategies for Instagram growth. He stresses being consistent, even if it means starting small. Simple goals like gaining a few followers daily can lead to big growth.

He also talks about the importance of making interesting content, using Instagram Stories, and trying out platforms like TikTok and YouTube. In the always changing world of social media, being flexible is your secret to success.

Shadow Banning and Censorship: The Real Story

Brock talks openly about the big topics of shadow banning and censorship. He explains that shadow banning mostly happens to big accounts that break the rules. Users seeing less engagement are probably just struggling with the changing rules of Instagram.

In conclusion, Instagram might be different now, but it's still a powerful tool. With Brock's tips, understanding how Instagram works, and being creative, you could be the next big thing on Instagram. Don't just survive, thrive on Instagram! Brock's expert advice gives a new view of the Instagram journey, helping you to master the platform like a pro.

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1.The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck


3. The Psychology of Money


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