Everybody Wants Stuff...
Tai Jul 01, 2017
Everyone Wants Stuff, But Few People Want to Do What’s Required to Get It

There are so many goals out there - so much stuff and so much potential that the playing field is wide open. So why don’t we hear more success stories?  It’s because everyone wants stuff but nobody wants to do what’s required to get it.  You get motivated by a goal or a thing and try to run on sheer willpower alone - but that doesn’t cut it.  Here’s what really works:

The Three Types of People

There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.  And I hate to say this, but most people fall into that third group -- no curiosity, no focus, no idea what’s going on around them.  

People often ask me how I manage to read a book a day. They think it’s absolutely impossible - but it isn’t. All you have to do when you want something is carve out the time and focus to sit down and get it done. This applies to anyone -- no matter who you are or where you come from. Your background doesn’t matter one bit - and I’d like to share a story that illustrates that perfectly.

My First Mentor Was a Farmer

When I was 19 years old, my first mentor, Joel Salatin was a farmer. One day we were walking together through his field, and he said, “Tai, there’s a time to stop and smell the roses, and the time isn’t right now.” That always stuck with me. In society today we’re so focused on the next trend or the next meme or whatever else is out there to distract and entertain us.


But don’t get me wrong -- I like to be entertained as much as the next person - it’s just that you have to look at it for what it is and ask yourself -- do I want to be entertained more than I want to reach this goal I’ve set for myself?  Do I want to smell the roses or do I want to do the work that’s required to keep enjoying them year after year?

People are Broken, and We Don’t Want to Admit It

We’re a broken, sour lot. People like to complain, “Oh, the government did this or isn’t doing this and now we’re all suffering.” Do you think that President Trump, Obama, Bush or anyone in power cares about your financial problems or the effect that the changes they make will have on you?

It’s just much easier in our minds to sit on the couch and watch the pundits and bicker about our lot in life. I’m often asked, “Well then, Tai - what got you off the couch?” And my simple answer is:


Even people who are struggling with addiction -- one of the first steps they take in group therapy is to admit it. We don’t want to admit that we’re broken, flawed, insecure, unmotivated. We go into a fast food joint several times a week and then wonder how we gained so much weight.

And this isn’t to say that some people have outside circumstances that affect them. I wasn’t born rich. But being aware of that and taking steps to change it is what separates the broken from those who are trying to mend their lives back together and make something of themselves.

If you can look at your bank account and say “wow, I’m spending more than I make” and then take steps to address that, you’re already ahead of most other folks out there who are lamenting that the government, their boss, the weather and everything else is conspiring against them.

Admit Where You Are and Take Steps to Fix It

The fact is -- nobody cares about you but you. Sure, your parents or your spouse may love you -- but when the going gets tough, people’s true colors start to show. If you get injured or sick and end up in the hospital, some people will come to visit you, but most won’t. If you’re down on your luck and need a loan, suddenly your friends and family can’t help you out. Some might, but most won’t.

So stop complaining. Stop being miserable about your place in life, and take the time that you’d ordinarily spend whining or distracted and double down and focus on one area of your life that you want to improve on - and then take steps to make it happen. Being aware of the problem isn’t going to solve it, but it’s a good first step. The next step is action.

You can do it.

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