Finding new trends and doubling your income
Tai Lopez Jul 25, 2022
In this blog:
  1. How to not lose your job in a recession
  2. Is Jeff Bezos seeing something we’re not?
  3. This lesson can help you 2x your revenue
Google CEO’s Advice To Keep Your Job In This Economy

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, revealed a plan to help employees become recession-proof. Read the full article here.

He recommends 3 things:
  1. Get out of your comfort zone
  2. Be resourceful
  3. Get motivated by challenges

Good advice, but the delivery is too generic.

Telling someone to "get out of their comfort zone" can mean anything from bungee jumping to quitting their job and starting a business.

The question is: what can you do now to become recession proof?

Learn more skills... specifically persuasion related skills like sales or marketing.


Me and my team will build you an ecommerce store like Pier 1 or Dressbarn. We will also teach you how to create marketing that makes sales like crazy. Watch this video to learn how it works


Remember what Elon Musk says: "You get paid in proportion to the difficulty of problems you can solve."

Think about it this way. 

If you figure out how to make a company $30 million dollars, they will be happy to pay you for solving that challenge.

What’s the best way to solve that problem? Becoming a master at sales and marketing.

Amazon bet $3.9 billion on the healthcare market 

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I talk alot about catching trends early.

There are 2 parts to doing it:
  1. You need to be able to see around corners.

    You have to be able to see what’s coming, and not only what’s in front of you.

    Jeff Bezos is very skilled at that. This is why he got into ecommerce in 1994.

  2. You need a decent tolerance for risk. Especially when you’re trying to be one of the first people to do something.

Is Amazon about to hit another home run, or are they about to learn a $3.9 billion dollar lesson?

Time will tell, but Jeff Bezos’ track record speaks for itself.

Would you be willing to bet $3.9 billion dollars on something you believe will work?


If you want to get into ecommerce, the trend is still early, but it has evolved and you need to get it fast. Watch this video and have my team build you a store like Pier 1 or Dressbarn.


One simple strategy to double your revenue

One of the most effective ways to potentially double your revenue overnight is to double your prices.

Here’s why:
Let’s say you have 10 clients paying you $5000 each.

A couple of things can happen. 

Everyone can agree to pay you $10,000 - 99% chance that isn’t going to happen.

What’s more likely to happen is that half of your clients leave.

The good news is that you’re still making the same amount of money with half the amount of clients.

And you free up time to get back to 10 clients. When you’re back at 10 clients you doubled your revenue.

The next step? Rinse and repeat.

You should read the book if you’re having trouble scaling your business.


If you want a fast way to get into ecommerce, my team will build you a store filled with some of our best selling products. This video explains how it works


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